Authored by Ben K Osland

Vocational Schools Take On The Dress Code

New York City fashion designers tackled school uniforms of vocational education training this year. The designers won. As a school project, budding designers received free rein to administer a full makeover to the pleated-and-plaid standards loathed by private school youngsters everywhere. In the process, the uniforms became unrecognizable, which many saw as a blessing.

"All of our models are kids, and they were thrilled with what we did," says Joanne Arbuckle, project leader and assistant professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, a New York professional essay editing public school. Their comment was, "Why can't our uniforms look like this?" Why not? A cynic would reply that the designer garments were insufficiently itchy, hot and boring.

A more practical reason could be that few schools favor eye-popping purples, pinks and oranges as their official colors. Then there's fabric. How many PTA members want their kids racing around in pay for my essay fake fur? Even the most charming, Dalmatian-spotted print? Or colorful suedes cut into a cowboy theme? Striped Lycrabike shorts might not appeal to school-board traditionalists either--even when topped by a short, heather-blue jumper and a burnt orange, suede jacket.

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